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Suda Akari's Ameba Blog - 02\08\2014



It doesn’t need to be particularly good observers to have noticed the fact that Akari’s face almost always has many marks on the skin. I myself have pointed it out (with absolute love of course, as that all appears so lovable and precious to me) and she has talked about it in the past, even though it totally isn’t something easy to talk about, not even for a person like Akari. So please take some minutes to read this :) 
And let me add that I hope that her exposing this, and her behavior and way of facing it will be yet again a support and an encouragement for everyone, especially people that might be suffering from some condition.

Please allow me to talk about something very important and serious for me. Suda Akari.



I finished work early today, and
since I had to go to a certain place in Tokyo, 
I went there by myself!

Today I’d like to talk about
the reason why there’s a place
in which I have to go…

I’d be happy if you’ll read.

Truth is I’m regularly
going to a hospital in Tokyo. 

But don’t worry, since
there’s nothing wrong with my body
and I’m perfectly healthy!

What I’m having examined in the hospital, is my skin.
In particular the skin of my face.

I already wrote about it on the blog
about a year ago, but I’ll write it again
because I’m sure there might be
people not knowing about it yet. 

If I put sunscreen on my skin,
no matter if it’s a product for children’s skin
or if it’s non-chemical,
I’ll, without fail, get rough skin.

That’s not all.
My skin is so weak, that
even the simple contact
with my mouth and the mics we use to sing,
will make my lips be completely red
and swollen the day after, 
with the skin getting peeled off.

But, since I didn’t want for my eating habits
to become the reason behind my skin easily getting rough, 

I’ve been trying to avoid eating my beloved
fried food, and to base my meals
always on vegetables and fish. 

However, that didn’t stop
my skin to keep getting ruined…

I think that the people kindly
watching me on TV might end up
believing that my rough skin is
a consequence of me not taking
proper care of my health… 

To tell you the truth, 
when I happen to be criticized, 
via comments, because despite paying
so much attention to my meals
my skin keeps being ruined…

…I feel terribly.

Still, I’ve been really helped out
by many other comments, of people
worrying about my skin,
and writing words on top 
of having understood my condition,
saying “Maybe you’re tired…!”
or giving me advices, like
"You know? There’s this product
that’s good for skin”.

Thank you!!

And, to get back to the hospital topic, 
there’s a dermatology clinic
I really trust, in which I’ve been
going for years and that has
treated my condition very nicely,
so much that for a period 
it seemed like it had disappeared!

However, my skin came back
to often get rough just like before, 
and I realized that there had to be 
something wrong.

A bit ago, I found some resolution and
I went in Tokyo to go through some
allergies examinations. 

As a result, turned out
I suffer from several allergies, 
and, consequence of that, it’s easy for
my weakened skin to have things affect it. 

However, those are not allergies
related to food, but to things that’s impossible
to see and that are consequently hard to avoid.

Things such as
the germs we come in contact
with in our everyday lives…!

Now, adding to the cure 
from the previous dermatologist,

I’ve also started to take anti
allergies medicines.

And thanks to that, 
my skin is slowly getting better!

Now, as for why I chose
today to talk to you about this…

…it’s not only because I went 
to the hospital again just today,

but also because I think that
in tomorrow’s Kanjani 8’s show,
there will be many close ups of my face.

I didn’t want for you to 
get worried like…
"Oh, Akarin’s got rough skin again!"

So well, it ended up being long
but thank you so much for having read it all. 

Usually, I never write about
things that are not part of my character,
so it made me feel very nervous to write
this kind of contents.

But to know that there are people
out there accepting this, 
is enough to make me feel happy.

Thank you so much for
always supporting me in your hearts!

I’m going to keep working hard
in order to be an Akarin you’ll
be able to feel proud of!

wow I had no idea about this,
and I never noticed anything about her skin.

It must be difficult to deal with it, especially as an idol .__.

It’s great to know Akari is still so positive,
and that she talked about it to the fans :)
I’m sure her fans are definitely proud of her :D